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When a new post is published on your blog, just submit its url to your BlogPassport and get it immediately copyright-protected. Your post will get screenshotted, timestamped and an automatic receipt of submission will be sent to your email.

That's undeniable proof of ownership of every piece of content in its original form.


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A BlogPassport is all about your credibility as a blogger and the copyright protection of your blog posts.

Simply, by having an active BlogPassport and the security seal on your blog, you verify your identity to your visitors, so nobody can claim is you anymore, and every post you make, gets screenshotted, timestamped and protected via the best copyright protection formula out there (Powered by CopyrightsWorld).

A BlogPassport is like a real Passport for bloggers plus so much more.

Why you need a Passport for your blog ?

Verify your ID

It will verify your identity, so you will get credibility and no one will be able to pretend is you.

Add blogs to your Passport

It will register all your blogs no matter the platform used, so you have your secure seal placed on all of them.

Protect all your posts

It will copyright-protect all of your posts, so you can feel free to share them with the world.

Be and look like a pro

It will unify your blogger’s presence, so you look like a pro.

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